If you talk to PC security experts, you’ll know that the best password is often the longest password.

Passwords that are long, complex, and feature multiple characters are virtually impossible to crack.

Of course, there’s an obvious problem: long passwords are also hard to remember. Sure, a password like ASDFG#$QTIWa$@^TA645 would be impossible for anyone to crack, but it’s also impossible for someone to remember.


That’s why I’m here to teach you a simple tip that is guaranteed to improve your ability to remember passwords.

Creating a story out of your password

The best password remembrance trick is to create a story out of your password.

Let’s say you need to protect something extremely important: like your primary email account. Your primary email account is linked to all your other online accounts and services. It’s a critical link in your chain of personal security, and you can’t risk having that email fall into unknown hands.

You need to create a good, strong, password and remember it.


You can’t think of any good ideas, so you strike your hand violently on the keyboard and come up with this password:


That’s a great password! Here’s you remember it: you craft a story and recall that story every time you type in your password.

A Small Dog always attacks 2 Late and eats 265 carrots

That story is nonsensical and you could probably come up with something more intelligent, but you get my point: the brain can remember a story more easily than it can remember a dozen random characters.

Now, next time you type in your password, you simply have to remember that A = A, Small = S, Dog = D, and so on and so forth until e8s265^ = eats 265 carrots.

Carrot, by the way, is the name of that ^ symbol.

Not a good storyteller? Use this tip

The tip listed above takes time and effort, which is why most people won’t bother to use it.

If you want to protect your password using a simpler trick, consider the following:

-Use a non-dictionary word followed by letters and special characters

Even a four-letter non-dictionary word is suitable for this example.

Use jufys12!, for example. Type a nonsense word followed by numbers and special characters, and you’ve just created a password that’s virtually impossible to crack.


Why does this work?

It works because hackers use code-breaking software that checks for common words first.

If you use words like “flowers” or “star” in your password, that software is going to guess your password much more quickly than it guesses words like “valedictorian”.

And if you choose a word like “jufys12!”, that software will have to try quadrillions of combinations of letters and numbers before it stumbles upon the perfect code.

That’s why “star69” is a really bad password, while “ewqt23” is a fairly good password.

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