SSDs have only been around for the past few years, and before that, people who wanted maximum performance on their computers would use hardware like Western Digital’s VelociRaptor hard drive, which spun at a whopping 10,000rpm and delivered faster, smoother gaming performance.

Ever since SSDs came out, VelociRaptor has been pretty quiet. But now, Western Digital feels there is still a place for high-speed performance hard drives in today’s market. They’re reviving the brand with a massive 1TB 10,000rpm hard drive. With a SATA 6Gbps interface and a 64MB cache buffer, the new VelociRaptor is expected to be one of the most powerful hard drives in the world.

When was the last time you bought a hard drive with a built-in heatsink? The new VelociRaptor is housed in an IcePack enclosure that keeps the drive cool. While the drive itself is only 2.5 inches, they come in a 3.5 inch mounting frame, which means it will easily fit into most desktop PCs.

Traditional hard drives use moving parts, including a physical disk that stores data and a needle that accesses this data. Meanwhile, SSDs have no moving parts, but are much more expensive and have less storage capacity. For that reason, the main advantage of the VelociRaptor is its massive size at an affordable price ($320). Many 1TB SSDs are priced at around $500.

If you want higher performance than a traditional hard drive, but don’t want to pay the high price for an SSD, then the VelociRaptor is a good middle ground. The updated model will come in a 500GB version for $210, a 250GB version for $160, and of course the 1TB version for $320.

If you’ve already upgraded your PC’s video card, RAM, and CPU, then your hard drive could be your bottleneck. Replacing it with a high-performance hard drive or an SSD can significantly speed up your PC and provide a smoother user experience overall.

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