Want a fast PC but don’t want to pay for expensive hardware?

Want a fast PC but don’t want to pay for expensive hardware?

If you like playing video games but don’t like paying thousands of dollars for higher end video cards, CPUs, and other components required to play the latest games, then Nvidia has a solution for you. Using the power of cloud computing, Nividia plans to release a service called the GeForce Grid, which basically allows gamers to access the processing power of computers in a remote location while playing video games on their own PCs.

Services like this aren’t new. In fact, OnLive has been offering it for a few years. They call their service on-demand gaming, and it basically allows you to turn any internet connected device into a powerful gaming computer. Since the data is streamed over the internet, it’s not as crystal clear and flawless as it would be if you were playing it on your own hardware, but it’s a great way to play the games without shelling out thousands of dollars.

Services like OnLive cost around $9.99 for unlimited access to games, and GeForce Grid will likely be within that range. Check out the official published details of Grid on Nvidia’s official website.

Ultimately, services like Grid offer a higher level of convenience. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your PC’s hardware or upgrading every few years. Instead, you let somebody else handle all of those problems while you sit back and enjoy your gaming.

Nvidia has long been known as a manufacturer of fast video cards for fast PCs. If they can contribute the same level of service to the cloud-based gaming market, then Grid will surely be a real winner.

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