Want a fast PC but only have 3.6 inches of room in your home?

Want a fast PC but only have 3.6 inches of room in your home?

Our blog is called Speed Up My PC Free for a reason: we know just about everything there is to know about fast computers. So when any new type of fast computer technology is launched, we tend to take notice.

Today, PC maker Digital Storm unveiled a fast PC that is also surprisingly thin. At just 3.6 inches wide, the new ‘Bolt’ is the world’s thinnest gaming desktop PC. It also stands at 14 inches, which makes it economic use of space even more impressive.

Check out a picture of the Bolt here:

As you can see, it’s good a sleek black design, but what’s more impressive is its fast PC hardware. The Bolt didn’t sacrifice any hardware capabilities in order to make weight, so to speak:

-Up to an Intel i7 3770K CPU 4.6 GHz

-Any full-sized graphics card

-Three hard drives (two SSDs and one traditional mechanical hard drive)

-500W power supply

However, these hardware settings are 100% customizable, and gamers can choose to go for a premium outfitting of hardware or a more budget pick.

In any case, the Bolt will fit just about anywhere in your house. In fact, it doesn’t take up a whole lot more space than a laptop. Oh, and if you’re wondering how they fit that much hardware inside such a small box, here’s what the inside of the case looks like:

Kotaku benchmarked the Digital Storm Bolt with an average outfitting of hardware and found that it did surprisingly well. You can check out that benchmark here.



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