Microsoft made the stupid decision not to add a Start button to Windows 8 when the operating system first launched. And Microsoft, in its stubborn denial of reality, will mostly continue that trend with Windows 8.1, which will add something that looks like a Start button but doesn’t act like one.

Windows 8.1 is due out October 17, but Chinese manufacturer Lenovo will not wait for Microsoft to act. Lenovo has taken matters into its own hands and will pre-install Start menu software onto all its Windows 8 PCs.

Lenovo has chosen Pokki to be its Start button software of choice. Pokki adds a Start button as well as an entire Start menu to Windows 8, two small changes that massively improve the way in which users use the operating system. Pokki also comes with an app store that you probably won’t use, but that’s a small price to pay for a free Start button – something that many Windows 8 users have chosen to pay real money for.

Lenovo is currently the world’s largest PC manufacturer. It’s one of the few OEMs not to have struggled in a PC industry that’s been atrocious in recent months. Maybe it’s because it actually listens to consumers – unlike Microsoft and its refusal to bring back the Start button.

If you want your PC to come preinstalled with a Start button, then buy a Lenovo. If not, buy a computer from any other manufacturer and enjoy learning an entirely new browsing system.



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