Grand Theft Auto V isn’t available for PCs yet. Instead, it’s only available on gaming machines that are nearly a decade old – the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

In spite of that fact, GTA V is a ridiculously good looking game. It pushes console hardware to the max and creates a living, breathing world for

But as good as GTA V is on consoles, it’s likely to be a whole different story on the PC, where even modest gaming rigs have 4 times as much graphics card memory as the aging Xbox 360. Rockstar hasn’t announced a GTA V PC release yet, not to mention a release date, but PC gamers are already anticipating a spring 2014 launch based on the history of past releases.

To get an idea of how beautiful Grand Theft Auto V can be on aging hardware, check out this really really ridiculously good looking timelapse video of the game in action:

That video shows Los Santos and surrounding San Andreas County in all its beauty. It makes the game look like a living, breathing world – which is basically what it is.

In that video, you get to see traffic patterns and the ways in which pedestrians interact with the road. It’s a fascinating look into how the game works and grows over time – not to mention that the graphics look pretty spiffy too.

Still, can you imagine what the game will look like on the PC? On the PC, GTA V players will enjoy:

-Full HD gaming

-Full anti-aliasing

-Long draw distances

-Larger multiplayer (there are rumors of 64 player and 128 multiplayer modes floating around!)


-Etc. etc.

As fun as Grand Theft Auto V is on consoles, it’s going to be that much better on PCs. I can’t wait.

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