If you read our blog frequently, then you know that we’ve told you many times how to speed up your computer by upgrading your graphics card. As any PC gamer knows, an upgraded graphics card leads to better video game performance and visuals and is a major factor in your computer’s overall speed.

Unfortunately, some people who have wanted to upgrade their graphics cards may not have been able to thanks to a worldwide video card shortage. This shortage has been particularly noticeable with Nvidia’s GTX 680 card, the benchmarks of which have been destroying all competition. Despite the card’s $500+ price tag, it has been flying off the shelves of computer parts retailers around the world.

The problem can be traced back to Taiwan, where much of the computer industry’s components are manufactured. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) claims that it doesn’t have enough silicon to address the demand created by companies like Nvidia, leading to a severe shortage of 28nm graphics cards like the GTX 680.

Fortunately, if you want to speed up your PC using today’s newest graphics cards – like the GTX 680 – then you’re in luck: TSMC has amped up its production and, by late May, is expected to ease its capacity restrictions. As a result, Nvidia is planning to release its GTX 680 and 610 models over the coming months, which should offer a good high-performance solution for gamers who don’t want to spend over $500 on a graphics card.

Interested in speeding up your PC’s gaming performance with the GTX 680? Check out Nvidia’s GTX 680 benchmarks HERE.

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