You may have heard about the disk cleanup tool on Windows 7. Not only is it freely included with your Windows operating system, but it’s one of the easiest ways to speed up your PC. While it’s not nearly as effective as buying a full-fledged computer optimization program, Windows disk cleanup does an effective job of cleaning up some parts of your computer if you need a temporary speed boost.

But what does the Windows 7 tool actually do? Let’s take a look:

First, and most importantly, the disk cleanup tool deletes old, unnecessary files from your PC. Files like this can be found in your temporary internet files folder, and include cookies, cache data, and browser history. If you choose, you can also remove your browser search data and form history.

It also removes downloaded internet program files, like ActiveX controls and Java applets. These files are a leading cause of many viruses, and can cause everything from the Google redirect virus to malicious keyloggers. While disk cleanup may not remove these viruses from your PC completely, it can provide temporary relief from various types of malware. Remember: disk cleanup is not an antivirus tool, and users should always perform an antivirus scan if they’re experiencing problems with their PC.

Windows comes with so many extra tools and features that it can be difficult for the average user to ever take full advantage of their operating system. For that reason, many users are able to safely remove many of these extra applications from their hard drive in order to free up system resources and reduce the time it takes for your PC to start up. The disk cleanup tool gives users the ability to freely and easily remove extra Windows components.

Finally, you can also remove old installed programs using the disk cleanup tool. While the traditional Windows uninstall menu might be sufficient for this step, this can also remove programs that may not have ended up in that list and can provide a more permanent solution for program removal.

Is Windows disk cleanup safe to use?

In general, the Windows disk cleanup tool is very safe to use. While it does delete files from your hard drive, it only deletes files that the user no longer wants. Even the most novice PC user can easily pick and choose which files to delete on their – it’s a simple matter of checking boxes beside things you want to delete and unchecking boxes beside things you want to keep.

How do I use the Windows disk cleanup tool?

Every Windows operating system has the disk cleanup tool by default. It can be found under All programs -> Accessories -> System tools beside other features like the disk defragmenter and calculator.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for simple and effective ways to speed up your PC, then the Windows 7 disk cleanup tool does an adequate job. While it won’t dramatically double the speed of your PC, or rid your computer of hundreds of dangerous viruses, it helps users maintain a clean, healthy, and fast PC.

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