If you’ve been shopping around for fast computers lately, then you may have stumbled across something called Gorilla Glass. It’s a special material used on many Ultrabook screens, which are high-end laptops “inspired by Intel”.

If you look at any Ultrabook advertisement, you’ll see Gorilla Glass is being prominently advertised. But what is Gorilla Glass? And how does it help your laptop? Let’s find out.

Basically, Gorilla Glass is an ultra-durable and scratch resistant surface that can be safely fitted over any laptop screen. It takes the place of ordinary laptop screen material, which is prone to scratching, damage, and other degradation. Gorilla Glass is made by a company called Corning.

Gorilla Glass can be found on tablets, cell phones, and all sorts of other electronic devices. Demand for the material is high, and if you plan on taking your laptop into some rough conditions, then material like Gorilla Glass can prevent it from being permanently damaged.

Gorilla Glass manufacturer announces new bendable glass material

If you’ve been following tech news this week, then you may have heard about Corning’s latest announcement that it has developed a unique new type of glass for laptops and mobile devices. Unlike traditional laptop screens, this new material is flexible. It can be bent any way you need it to bend.

This new bendable glass (Corning is calling it “Willow Glass”) is also incredibly thin and lightweight. In fact, the manufacturing process involved in creating Willow Glass is similar to making newsprint. The glass is heated up to incredibly high temperatures (500 degrees Celsius) before rolling through a special machine in thin sheets.

Why would people need a product like Willow Glass? Well, Willow Glass is expected to be used in flexible electronic devices, which are still a long ways from the market. As a result, many tech experts are calling Willow Glass ahead of its time.

Whether you want a bendable cell phone or a fast laptop with a durable screen, Corning’s advancements in screen technology have paved the way for all sorts of cool devices. Stay tuned to our Speed Up My PC Free blog for more news about this week’s latest electronic announcements at E3 and Computex 2012.

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