Windows 10 has had a Game Bar since the beginning. However, the latest Creators Update added several new features to the Game Bar. Find out everything you need to know about these features today.

First, you access the Game Bar by pressing Windows Key + G. This works in any PC game – in fact, it works in any PC application.

There’s one restriction with the Game Bar: it only supports full-screen mode on a small number of games. Typically, you’ll need to access your game’s settings, the change the video mode to windowed or full-screen windowed in order for the Game Bar to appear.

After you press Windows Key + G to open the Game Bar, you’ll see 7 buttons from left to right, including:

Open the Xbox app

Take a screenshot

Record the last 30 seconds of gameplay

Start a recording

Start a Beam broadcast


Move (you can click and hold this button to drag the Game Bar around your screen)

If you want to record the last 30 seconds of play, you’ll first need to enable background recording. Otherwise, that button will be greyed out by default. You can still click on it, but you’ll need to press the background recording checkbox before you begin.

After you’ve saved a 30 second clip, it will be saved to your C:\users\[YourName]\Videos\Captures folder. You can change the recording location by moving the Captures folder to a different directory.

Meanwhile, for Beam broadcasting, you can click that button to open a quick settings menu. You can adjust certain settings – like how your game footage should be captured – before you start the stream. After you go live, you can find your stream at[YourGamerTag]. In case you’ve been out of the loop, Beam is Microsoft’s Twitch-like game streaming service.

There’s one important thing to know about Game Bar: you don’t actually need to open the Game Bar to start recording video or to take screenshots. You can start a video recording by pressing Windows Key + Alt + R. Or, you can capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay by pressing Windows Key + Alt + G. If you just want to take a screenshot, press Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn.

Finally, to adjust the settings for the Game Bar, open it and then press the Settings button. You’ll see a surprisingly large menu of options. You can enable Game Mode, for example, which is designed to enhance in-game performance and improve framerates. You can also adjust button mapping or change settings for the Xbox controller attached to your PC.

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