If you’ve been researching the features in PC Cleaner Pro, then you may have noticed that it offers malware removal for your PC. But what does this mean? And how is it different than a typical antivirus program? Let’s find out.


In general, antivirus programs and malware removal tools are just as effective at removing malware from your computer. However, programs that focus entirely on protecting your PC’s security may be slightly better at staying up to date on the latest security threats, while your typical malware removal tool may be updated only once a month or so.

Usability and other factors

Other points of comparison between antivirus programs and malware removal tools – like usability – are generally equal. The average PC user won’t notice a huge degree of difference in these indicators of quality. Which means that we have to rely on the first and most important indicator of quality, which is…


This is the main difference between antivirus programs and malware removal tools. While a complete suite of PC security tools generally costs over $40 for a year’s subscription, a malware removal tool can be bundled as part of a larger software package. For example, PC Cleaner Pro is one of the most cost-effective programs on the planet in terms of offering users bang for their buck.

Because of this, PC users who don’t want to spend a lot of money speeding up their PCs generally turn to malware removal tools as a solution.

How should I use my malware removal tool?

Since a malware removal tool is one of many features included in PC Cleaner Pro, it’s much more cost-effective to buy a single program than to buy a suite of security tools. If your computer is ever experiencing malware problems – like crashes, slowdowns, and freezes – then you should immediately perform a scan with PC Cleaner Pro. In most cases, this will eliminate any computer problems you’re having.

However, if you notice that your computer’s performance is still being affected after running a scan with PC Cleaner Pro, then you may need to turn to a more powerful solution. Buy an antivirus program and perform a scan with that.

In that sense, you should always use PC Cleaner Pro first when your computer is having problems. It’s great at identifying and removing all sorts of PC errors and malware removal is its specialty. Then, if you’re still worried about your PC’s security, you can perform a quick scan with your favorite antivirus program.

Because of this one-two punch of virus fighting effectiveness, PC Cleaner Pro users generally have the safest and fastest computers possible.

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