If you’ve been on the internet or read a newspaper lately, then you may have heard about this Kim Jung-un fellow from North Korea. After taking over leadership of North Korea from his dad, Kim Jong-Il, in 2012, Kim Jung-un has been making a lot of racket about taking over South Korea and unifying the Korean peninsula.

Kim Jung-un has also talked about firing rockets at a bunch countries, and some of those rockets could contain nuclear devices. But why should you care about the potential war in Korea? Well, a war on the Korean peninsula could severely affect your computer hardware.

Korea is important – really important – in the PC world

In fact, a Korean peninsula war would “cripple the global electronics business” according to a new report by HIS iSuppli. South Korea is responsible for approximately half of the world’s DRAM output, 2/3 of its NAND flash manufacturing, and a whopping 70% of the world’s tablet display manufacturing.

Since DRAM is used in just about every computer and NAND flash manufacturing and tablet display manufacturing are fairly important as well, a disruption of those manufacturers would be bad – very bad – for anybody in the business of computers.

What to do?

Mike Howard, the senior principal analyst for DRAM & memory at HIS (yes, apparently IHS has an analyst dedicated solely to DRAM & memory), says that:

“South Korea now plays a more important role than ever in the global electronics business. And with the supply chain having become more entwined and connected, a significant disruption in any region will impact the entire world. Because of this, it is important for companies to understand the magnitude of South Korea’s role in the global electronics market – and to prepare for any contingencies.”

Wow. So if there’s a war in Korea (there probably won’t be), don’t expect to see many new smartphones, tablets, or PCs released over the months following that war.

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