A few years ago, Nvidia released GeForce Experience. The software came optionally bundled with all GeForce drivers and was designed to improve PC gaming.

One of the main ways GeForce Experience did that was allow gamers to share their system specs with other gamers. This allowed gamers to see the optimal settings in PC games on rigs with the same hardware.

If you had a GTX 670 graphics card and most other people with GTX 670s were running Assassin’s Creed IV at full HD with 16x AA, then you would know the optimal game settings for your graphics card.

Basically, GeForce Experience 1 was an easy way to share non-personal information with other PC gamers and use that information to improve your gaming experience, gaming framerates, and overall system performance.

GeForce Experience also made it easy to download and install driver updates. You could view up-to-date information about your rig and edit system preferences for ShadowPlay, which is Nvidia’s in-game recording system.

geforce experience

GeForce Experience 2 takes all of these things a step further with must-have features for gamers. Those features include:

Battery Boost designed to optimize battery life on all laptops with GTX 800M video cards. Battery Boost promises to improve battery life by anywhere from 25% to 100%. That potentially means you can game for twice as long. One of the reasons why gaming laptops aren’t as popular as they could be is the fact that they rarely last for longer than an hour when playing games. Today’s games require a lot of juice and even the biggest and best laptop batteries can’t provide that juice for very long.

GameStream for streaming games from your gaming notebook to your Nvidia SHIELD device. SHIELD is the portable Nvidia streaming system that lets you play your games while away from your PC.

ShadowPlay now captures your desktop in addition to whichever game you’re running. This is great for how-to videos and all sorts of other games where you need to switch to and from the active game window.

GameStream in full HD away from the home. Nvidia released a new beta feature called Remote GameStream where you can game in full HD 1080p on your SHIELD device while you’re away from the home. Nvidia has merged GameStream and GRID Streaming Beta in order to allow gamers to play full HD PC games on SHIELD. The main restriction is that you need 5Mbps upstream and 5Mbps downstream speeds.

As you can see, most of these updates don’t affect desktop PC gamers. Instead, they affect Nvidia SHIELD users and notebook gamers.

However, that doesn’t prevent GeForce Experience 2 from being must-have software for any GeForce users and PC gamers. Download it today at http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download

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