Computers have become so vital so that we are able to work easily. With their amazing processing powers, they are necessary for any home based worker and corporate person. The computer can take so much time in being booted. Therefore, you must have thought so many times, why is the PC delaying your work. So, there could be so many start up procedures that cause this kind of a slow booting. Its better that the least number of software are initiated during start up. So many software installed on the computer can also affect its functioning in the end. Its better that the task manager of the computer is used to close down all the problem-causing applications. But, it’s advisable to change the booting process of the pc. There are also other issues that cause the computer to become slow. The most prominent is the infection of viruses in the PC. Internet or any other infected data object brings such viruses to your computer. The best way to combat all the viruses is to use an Antivirus software. But, such software also has a negative impact on the speed of the PC. Its better that the antivirus software installed for PC protection does not use much RAM. Sometimes, temporary internet files can also slow down the computer. The files with Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer icons should be deleted regularly. It’s also important that the computer does not have a large accumulation of files. Defragment the computer repeatedly to reduce such large storage of files. One can also boot it again in case the speed is slow. Never store too much data in the C drive. It’s also better that one removes all the unused programs and files from the hard disk of a PC. They occupy an extra space in the hard disk and cause the computer to function at slow rates.

Also, get your computer checked by a professional if it’s not working as per expectations. This way only you can get the best performance out of it. A timely check up can only ensure a great routine of the PC. Such check up can include reinstallation of the computer if you can’t do it on your own. Also, the professional can also run the register cleaner software for you. Make sure that you get the original copy of the software. Pirated software can’t deliver the same level of performance.

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