The biggest news last week in the tech industry was the fact that Microsoft was giving away Windows 8 upgrades for $39.99 to existing users of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

However, earlier today, it was also revealed that the Windows 8 $40 upgrade offer would include users of the Windows 8 Release Preview.

What is the Windows 8 Release Preview, you ask? Well, it’s a free demo version of Windows 8 that Microsoft released several weeks ago. In previous years, people who tried out the ‘Release Preview’ versions of upcoming Windows operating systems were faced with a dead end. Now, it looks like Microsoft is actually taking these users into consideration.

If you do upgrade from the Windows 8 Release Preview to the complete version of Windows 8, most of your data will transfer over. However, operating system settings and other personalizations will likely not transfer.

Since users of the free Release Preview basically act as unpaid beta testers for Microsoft, it’s nice to see the software company reward its users for a change. Clearly, Microsoft wants as many users as possible to install Windows 8 when it comes out this fall.

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