Windows 8 no longer features a ‘Metro’ interface

Windows 8 no longer features a ‘Metro’ interface

For over a year, we’ve been calling Windows 8’s unique interface ‘Metro’. Why has the tech industry been doing that? Well, because that’s what Microsoft called it!

However, it looks like Microsoft has turned it back on the Metro name. They’re saying it was always intended to be a code name for the operating system’s unique interface. Reportedly, the Windows 8 programmers and designers drew inspiration from the signs for transport systems around the world.

Currently, Windows 8’s UI is unnamed. Mcirosoft hasn’t yet decided on an official name for it. In the interim, Microsoft wants people to refer to the UI as “Windows 8 style UI.” That’s catchy!

MaximumPC poked fun at the naming issue in a recent article. They suggested that if Microsoft didn’t like the Metro name, they could use ‘Subway’ interface instead. Because that’s not taken, right? Another suggestion was ‘The Interface Formerly Known as Metro’.

Personally, I think it’s a good decision to distance Windows 8 from the ‘Metro’ name. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word ‘Metro’ I think of the word ‘metrosexual’, which isn’t the most endearing word to have floating around in your mind when you’re considering which operating system to buy. I’m not sure if Microsoft had the same line of thought, but it’s certainly one possible explanation.



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