Windows RT has faced criticism since its release. The biggest criticism is that consumers don’t know what Windows RT is. They may buy a Windows tablet hoping to enjoy Windows-like performance, only to realize that Windows RT is just a less functional shell of Windows 8.

Well, Windows RT isn’t dead yet. After two of Microsoft’s biggest manufacturing partners (Asus and Acer) ditched Windows RT tablets and Nvidia publicly blamed RT for its declining revenues, tech analysts still say it has some merit.

Why? Here are a few reasons to believe that Windows RT is down but not out:

-Nvidia is currently developing the Surface RT 2, which could fix the problems of its predecessor and, with the right marketing support, people might actually buy it

-While PC sales are declining across the board, tablet sales continue to grow. Windows RT functions best as a tablet operating system.

-People with old and decaying Windows XP devices may look at Windows RT as a cheaper and smarter way to upgrade to the new generation, especially if RT tablets undercut iPad prices

-The right marketing can make people buy just about anything


Why not? Here are a few reasons to believe that Windows RT is down for the count:

-It’s Microsoft and they have a history of recent blunders (Windows 8 and its Metro UI/lack of a Start button; Xbox One DRM debacle, etc.)

-Asus and Acer have already ditched Windows RT and publicly blamed it for poor sales. Will other manufacturers be scared away?

-The gap between Android’s functionality and Windows functionality is getting smaller and smaller, making it difficult for manufacturers to justify paying $50 to $100 per device for a Windows license (Android is free and manufacturers are free to modify it as they wish)

To read more of the tech analysts’ predictions about the potential future success of Windows RT, check out this article.



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