The Xbox One has gone through more controversy than any other gaming console in existence. From the restrictive DRM flip flops to the controversial price tag on the console and its accessories, the Xbox One could use some positive PR.

That’s exactly what Microsoft is trying to do with its latest announcement. Microsoft recently announced that all Xbox Live users on the Xbox One would enjoy unlimited cloud storage via SkyDrive. For comparison, current Xbox 360 subscribers have just 512MB of storage space.

Oh, and you don’t have to have an Xbox Live Gold account in order to use that storage space. That’s right: even if you’re not paying $5 per month for a Gold account, Microsoft will still give you lots of storage space.


This is excellent for Microsoft and the Xbox One. It means (hopefully), that it will be easier than ever to stream music and movies to your console over your home’s wireless network. Other benefits include:

-Unlimited game save backups in a safe online location

-Move music and movies into your PC SkyDrive folder to have them instantly appear on your Xbox One

-Profile and achievement backup

-Automatically access Xbox content from anywhere

As anyone who’s tried to play music and movies on the Xbox One over a wireless network knows, the experience can be awful. The Xbox music player was designed by someone who hates users and videos frequently lag, become choppy, or simply refuse to work. If the Xbox One could solve these problems, that would make me (and millions of other users) very happy.

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